Project Scope

We will clearly define the parameters of the project. We’ll define functionality and design requirements so we can begin development. Design drawings, market analysis, and other services will be billed out in consulting hours on a per project basis.

project scope

Conceptual Design

ShapePoint designers draw up an attractive sketch and industrial design based on your idea and requirements.

conceptual design

3D Industrial Design

We knock out the external and internal structure & design with molding in mind.

3d design

Mechanical & Electrical Design

From PCB design and assembly to firmware, software, app development, ShapePoint can do it for you or work closely with your team.

electrical design


ShapePoint to help you rapidly prototype practically anything you need made. CNC machining, carbon fiber prototyping, rapid injection molding, 3D printing are just some of our specialties.

Tooling & Molding

With Design for Manufacturing (DFM) in China in mind, we’ll can help design and tool your molds with error-free precision. We help think of what can go wrong when molding so you don’t have to deal with headaches later.

tooling and molding

Product Testing

Thoroughly testing your product before going into mass production can prove crucial when it comes to ensuring your product launches without a hitch. Treating testing lightly can result in costly product recalls and loss of customer confidence and loyalty towards your brand.

product testing

Quality Certifications

UL, FCC, CE, ROHS, TUV – ShapePoint can help you get the required certifications needed for each market you’re exporting to. We can work together with your testing agencies or we can use our own.


Mass Production & QC

We ramp up production and mass produce your product for the masses! This is what we’ve all been waiting for. QC is also very crucial during this step and we work together with your QC inspectors to make sure your product launch goes without a hitch.

mass production


IG8 has a team of Western marketing consultants ready to help create your crowd funding video, product pages and other marketing materials. What’s the point of having the World’s best product if nobody knows about it? Even if your campaign doesn’t sell millions of dollars, worth, crowdfunding campaigns are also a form of advertising and can help with building brand recognition and following.



IG8 can either help your build your own website with shopping cart and help your configure adwords and social media channels. We also have consultants who can help to configure your Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress and affiliate marketing store.



IG8 has a warehouse in the USA where we can help ship your retail and wholesale orders to your customers. We can also help you ship globally using Chinese global distribution services.



When it comes to electronics products, aftersales is just as important as sales. Not only can we help troubleshoot customer’s issues to minimize returns, we can help with product improvement suggestions to help you improve your next version. Most importantly, your potential customers will a “Your product review” search in Google. If they see negative feedback, then this pretty much equals two lost sales; One previous customer and one potential. We can provide customized customer service solutions to meet your needs. Protect you the brand name you worked so hard to create!


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We use only fully vetted manufacturing facilities that meet our internal compliance requirements and provide competitive pricing.

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“IG8 was helpful in taking our concept, improving on it and then producing working units in just two months. This is quite a quick turnaround time. We used other vendors in the past and it took twice as long as was three times more expensive. Keep up the great work IG8!”

Lukas J.Concept to Mass Production in 2 months!

“IG8 has truly performed in the top 3% of the suppliers we’ve worked with. They meet deadlines and deliver excellent work in a cost-effective manner. Their Western project managers are a big asset as they improve communication and eliminate the chances of error when dealing with the Chinese factories.”

Michael M.Performance in the top 3%

“We’ve been using IG8 for several orders now. Production quality is always meets our expectations and there are low defective rates. When a minor issue does arise, IG8 gets on it immediately and makes sure that it doesn’t happen again. We look forward to working with IG8 for many more years to come.”

James M.Couldn’t Be Happier!